Women’s Empowerment

Bravia recognizes a commitment to furthering the education and empowerment of women around the world. Some of our recent global activities include a participatory effort with “The Lotus Circle”, in which organizations work together across 18 Asian countries by supporting the “Women’s Empowerment Program”, helping to empower women and girls with the tools they need to change their lives, their communities, and society at large.

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Lotus Foundation

Bravia Capital has contributed substantially to enable Lotus Circle (affiliated with The Asia Foundation in New York City) in raising funding for girls’ education in Afghanistan. Major improvements were made to two schools in Kabul, which had been severely damaged by years of conflict. These include roof repairs, refurbishing classrooms, and renovating a conference hall used by the community at large. Together these schools provided education to over 6,000 Afghan girls.

The Lotus Circle also launched a vocational training program in Can Tho, Viet Nam, for disadvantaged women and those at risk of trafficking and exploitation.


Furthering Bravia Capital’s belief in commitment to society, we also participate in conjunction with many other professional entities in “EMpower” ( – a not-for-profit organization that provides at-risk youth in emerging countries with tools and resources they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

Fund raising efforts around the globe provide Empower with the necessary funds to grant scholarships and other building blocks such as education, health and well-being, leadership and community engagement to 10-24 year-old in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam.

As in many developing countries, females face considerable obstacles in obtaining adequate education, freedom from sexual harassment or violence, and other gender related difficulties. Empower works to level the playing field in education by subsidizing girls school uniforms, school fees and even residences for rural girls. Along with the girls’ education, part of the program is designed to also educate parents, families and local environments on the advantages of keeping the girls in school. Bravia is proud to be a supporter of this valuable program in aiding youth and young adults in becoming healthy individuals and good citizens.

NAWBO Sponsorship Program

Bravia and MHP, working together with the Southern Nevada Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (“SNV NAWBO”), are launching an venture capital program for the benefit of women-owned business in the Southern Nevada community (a “WBSN”). This venture program will provide seed funding and mentorship to a WBSN chosen by a committee of selected by Bravia and MHP. Applicants to the venture program are reviewed on the basis of merit, originality of idea, track record and team.

Bravia has also committed to funding educational programs for SNV NAWBO members to help guide and mentor female-led start-ups from launch to viability.

Bravia, MHP, and their respective affiliates are firm supporters of the economic empowerment of female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. These initiatives were launched by the Bhise family as part of their commitment to narrow the gender gap in all areas and sectors.